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Md Meetings - Primary Care

Meeting and interacting with Primary Care Physicians is different than Specialty Care. These Consultations are about positioning you to be the #1 choice for conservative spine care.  Consultations include how to “Reach Out” to the medical office and how to use your patient base to build MD relationships.  There are some examples of my personal experience with MD referrals and how to talk subluxation with the MD.  The approach to the Primary Care Physician needs to proceed differently than the medical specialist, read here to understand why they will consider chiropractic over physical therapy for spine care!  The key is a continued relationship building program based on education and research.  That is the only way to build trust and a proper long term relationship for you and your office.  

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Speaking the Primary Care Physician's Language- Sound Bytes 01-10-2016 635
When do you ASK for the referral? 01-04-2016 558
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