Coding, Billing, and Collections


Generating revenue is the first step, but often times many doctors treat the patient and have difficulty getting timely payments. Timely payment is critical to consistent cash-flow and is the only way to create certainty in your practice. Without it we are simply reacting on a day to day basis which creates stress. These series of Consultations are directed at Compliant Coding practices and how to use the laws of YOUR State to collect interest on over due claims. Many doctors “outsource” billing and collections because they don’t have the knowledge to create this system. Why give someone else control over the most important administrative task in your office? Learn more here…


Justifying Care & Getting Paid
You WILL be audited  
History of Documentation    
Handling Reports            
Organizing Your Reporting            
Which is Better?
Crosscoding ICD-9 and CPT       
CPT Coding

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