Provide Continuing Medical Education to MDs and Medical Staff

Recent trends in the healthcare system have increased the burden on providers to perform at a higher level and document care in more detail than was ever required in the past.  This leaves little time to discuss patient care outside of “formal” CE (continuing education).  Current care models are pushing doctors to collaborate on patient care and in today’s world that  has to be done through CE.  Come work with me to become credentialed to provide medical doctors and staff continuing education credits INSIDE their practices.  Learn to be the spine care expert and promote that expertise by offing courses that are approved for Category I AMA Credits.  This level of presentation offers the chiropractor INSTANT credibility and will open doors based on your clinical expertise and research knowledge.  I will personally train you…


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For more information please visit www.academyofchiropractic
and on the color wheel, click on MD Relationship Program.

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