Chiropractic Schools are Leading – Academia will Trump Politics

chiropractic-academiaIn a recent post, it has been discussed that NYCC is position itself to support the expansion of the chiropractic scope of practice in New York State…You can read more about this at the following link . Interestingly enough it looks like slowly but surely chiropractic academia will start paving a path for the future of chiropractic in our country. Many DCs have deep feelings about scope one way or another and we live in an interesting time, regardless of what happens we know that a new healthcare system is imminent and chiropractic’s role has yet to be defined. The MD Relationship Program is designed to help you reach out to primary care medical doctors in your area to ensure you are positioned properly regardless of what happens. If we stay the same you win, if we change you win. The key to security is maintaining a busy practice, with the movement of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) EVERY person in the United States will have a primary care doctor…When that patient has a mechanical spine issue, who are they going to refer to…you or the prepared doctor down the street?

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