Marketing Packet for the Lawyer – what I do

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In this 9 minute video, I share what I am take to meetings with lawyer and why I do that. This should be standard operating procedures for you. If you haven't done any expert work yet, that is ok. Just take the other items. REMEMBER - this…

Sample Narrative Report

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Here is a sample of what you can do when your systems are in place.  This is a copy of a sample basic narrative report. PIME SAMPLE REPORT - 2-2018

Dr Owens CV

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William J. Owens, Jr. DC, DAAMLP 1275 Main Street, Suite 100 Buffalo, NY 14209 Phone - 716-228-3847            Fax - 716-239-4371  SELECTED OCCUPATIONAL HISTORY Clinical Director, Fellowship…

ISCR – 10-2020 – Segmental Effects of Chiropractic Care

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DOWNLOAD HERE - ISCR Segmental Effects of Chiropractic Care - 10 -2020   CITATION - Nim, C. G., Kawchuk, G. N., Schiøttz-Christensen, B., & O’Neill, S. (2020). The effect on clinical outcomes when targeting spinal manipulation…

Low Speed Traffic Accidents – flawed national databases

This video presentation reviews one of the most important papers to date relating to low speed collisions and bodily injury. Please watch and learn why hundreds of thousands of low speen injuries are NEVER reported to the national databases…

New 2021 E/M Guidelines

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Attached is the CMS, MLN Booklet outlining E/M Coding Rules.  This also includes changes for January 2021.  The most important part is the following: "Effective January 1, 2021 CMS is aligning E/M coding with changes adopted by the American…